Funding Options

We can offer you many different ways to purchase your cash flow

Flexible Quoting Options

We provide you with the flexibility to structure a transaction in a variety of ways. This means you get the best type of quote to suit your individual cash needs.

All examples below use the following sample cash flow:

Current balance: $60,000
Interest rate 9%
Payment amount: $482.77
Remaining Payments: 360

Full Purchase

The purchase of the receivable in its entirety. Ex. We purchase the right to receive all the remaining payments all 360 in the above cash flow.

Partial Purchase

The purchase of installments from the front end of the contract with the seller retaining installments and/or balloon payment. Ex. In the example above we could purchase the next 180 payments, leaving the remaining 180 payments for the seller, to collect or sell at a later date.

Reverse Partial Purchase

The purchase of future installments allowing the seller to continue receiving immediate installments for a specified period of time. Ex. The seller retains the next six payments. Then we purchase the remaining 354 payments.

Split Disbursment Partial

The purchase of a portion of each installment for a specified period of time and amount with the seller receiving the remainder of each installment. Ex. We purchase $200 of each payment. The remaining $282.77 is passed through to the seller.

Multiple Stage Payout

The purchase of a receivable by a guaranteed staged payout of proceeds. Future staged payments paid regardless of note performance. Ex. We purchase the full $60,000 remaining balance. The seller receives a payment of $30,000 at the time of close and another $30,000 in 28 months. (Actual pay price and time between payments will vary based on specific structure of each individual transaction).

Simultaneous Purchase

The purchase of a seller-financed receivable occurring immediately after the sale of real property.

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