Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who pays the closing costs?
We generally pay all closing costs and fees.

Q: Do you lend money?
: No, we do not lend money. We only purchase receivables secured by real estate, business notes, annuities & structured settlements & lottery winnings.

Q:  Do you have a minimum or a maximum limit to the size of the notes you will purchase?
No, we have no minimum or maximums, we purchase notes of any size or dollar amount. We love to purchase small notes as well as notes in the multi-million range.

Q: How long does it take to get my money?
As a general rule it takes two-three weeks to close on a real estate note, from the time we receive all the required documentation. Annuities and structured settlements usually require a court appearance for reassignment and take a bit longer.

Q: Why does it take two-three weeks to close?
The reason it usually takes two-three weeks to close is that we must order title reports from the escrow company. Additionally, we must order a drive by appraisal of the subject property, which in many cases is the item that takes the most time to schedule and have completed.

Q: How do I get my money?
Before the close of escrow we will place a cashiers check in a trust account with the title company. At the end of closing the title company will express mail the cashiers check to you.

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