Eric Vaughn executive director of NSSTA discusses issues facing the structured settlement profession

With the annual NSSTA, National Structured Settlement Trade Association, annual meeting just around the corner in 2013 we were joined by Eric Vaughn the exec… Uploads by SettlementChannel

Phil Mickelson income tax comments and celebrity endorsement structured settlements

Phil Mickelson got it right, there is a huge tax implication for those living in high tax rate states, but what he doesn’t know is that he can save a ton of … Uploads by SettlementChannel

AIG Annuity Access: What Happened?

AIG Annuity Access used to be a website hosted by AIG, the American Investment Group. This group has been a significant investment bank in the United States. The website, AIG Annuity is no longer function as the company is regrouping and retooling its investment strategies after substantial government support pumped into the bank in […]

Transamerica Annuities: Options For Investors

Transamerica annuities are some of the most respected in the business. Transamerica is actually a large investment firm in which individuals or investors can partake in the various portfolios and investment vehicles offered. The company offers insurance, retirement plans and investment portfolios. These are designed for both individuals and families as well as businesses. Those […]

Transamerica Variable Annuities: Right For Some

Transamerica variable annuities are some of the most common available from this company. Transamerica does offer fixed annuities as well, though they offer fewer fixed annuity programs than they do variable programs. Those who are considering investing in this company’s annuities should learn what each of them offers as well as whether or not it […]

Variable Annuity Living Benefits: What Is It?

A variable annuity living benefits, or rather a variable annuity that has living benefits, is one of the reasons some of today’s top investors do recommend that people invest in annuities and include them in their long term retirement planning methods. This is a specific type of annuity and it goes without saying that since […]