Types of Funding (Cash Flow Notes)

Over the years the cash flow industry has grown to include up to 60 different “income streams” that can be sold by their owners.  Some of the more common income streams include factoring, purchase order funding, real estate notes, and equipment leasing; continue below to learn more.

REAL ESTATE NOTES (Privately-owned mortgages, Mobile home notes)

If you have sold a property whether it is a private residence or a business and you are holding the first mortgage and you are collecting payments you have a Privately-Owned Mortgage. You know that if that mortgage is, say for 20 years, that the money you will have in 20 years will not have the value of today’s dollar. Maybe you need money now for something you need such as a down-payment on a home or you might need the money to fulfill a desire such as a vacation, to build a swimming pool, or to pay for that dream wedding. OR, you may just be tired of waiting for those monthly payments. We can help you sell real estate notes on the secondary market. For the best quotes and unparalleled service call us today.


You have been injured due to the negligence of someone else. You hire a lawyer and you win your personal injury claim. Your agreements makes payments over time in exchange for a release of liability. Unfortunately, since structured settlement payments are rigid, inflexible plans, they often fail their intended purposes, particularly in cases where the individuals receiving the payments are struck with a financial emergency. Liquidating a portion of a structured settlement is sometimes the only solution to a critical problem. Which is where we come in.


You hit it Big!!! Your heart was pounding so fast you could hardly catch a breath! Then you waited for the lottery executive to confirm your winnings, but little did you know your good fortune was to turn a little frustrating. Rather than the Lump Sum you thought you won they decided that payments paid over 25 years is better for you. Maybe you had other plans?

That’s where we come in…
We buy part or all of your winnings and give you back a lump sum today that you can use for your personal or business use. A house, a new car, maybe you want to take a vacation or start a new business. What ever the reason- it’s your reason and it’s your money to do with as you choose.


If you are a small businessman and you are sending out invoices which are due in 30 days but your customers take up to 30, 60, or 90 days to pay you, then factoring is the answer to your cash flow problems. Factoring allows you to leverage your large invoices to gain immediate access to cash. If you are a rapidly growing company you may have a large amount of money in receivables that you can’t tap from a traditional lender. In fact, fast growth creates an inordinate need for working capital. With the economy slowing, banks are curtailing lending and, when they do that, small businesses are always the first to get hurt.

Through the process of factoring (receivables-funding) you may sell your receivables to a funding source (a Factor). Typically the Factor will advance you 70% to 80% of your total amount and retain 20% to 30% in reserve. When the Factor collects on the receivables he will reimburse the reserve amount minus his fee which is typically 3% to 5%. You can see that after the first month you will be virtually running a C.O.D. business.

Think of the possibilities when you have cash on demand! Call us today for a free consultation.


If you have a large purchase order from a credit-worthy customer and you find yourself in a cash flow situation where you cannot purchase the raw material or services to fill that order you can call on us. We can arrange for one of our Funding Sources to advance you a portion (typically around 70%) of the amount on the order. The Funding Source will keep the remaining percentage in reserve and when the order is filled and paid for the reserve portion will be reimbursed to you minus the service fee. Call us today if we can be of service.


If your company is in need of certain equipment such as office equipment, construction equipment, company vehicles or any other type of equipment you should call us. We can arrange with a Funding Source who can buy that equipment to your specifications and have it shipped and installed and then lease that equipment to you. This type of service enables you to have state- of-the-art equipment at all times. It also allows you to write off the lease payments on your income tax instead of having to take depreciation on your durable equipment. This can even be done with medical equipment. Call us today with your equipment needs!

The other 60+ income streams that The Wierman Group works with include:

Business-Based Income Streams

* Aerospace leases
* Commercial contract
* Commercial deficiency portfolios
* Commercial leases
* Construction receivables
* Equipments lease
* Equipment timeshare (or “fractional ownership interests”)
* Bankruptcy Chapter 11 reorganization plans
* Bankruptcy receivables
* Letters of credit
* Partnership agreements
* Purchase orders
* International receivables
* Sports contracts
* Trade acceptance drafts
* Warehouse inventory lines
* Vendor carry back paper

Consumer-Based Income Streams

* Certificates of deposit
* Cemetery pre-need contracts
* Consumer Contracts
* Credit card charge-offs
* Delinquent debt
* Inheritances
* Trust advances
* License impounds
* Retail installment agreements
* Health and country club memberships
* Student loans
* Timeshare and vacation club membership

Collateral-Based Income Streams

* Aerospace notes
* Automobile notes
* Homeowner/condominium assessments
* Collectibles notes
* Equipment notes
* Tax lien certificates and tax deeds
* Marine notes
* RV, Motor home, and business vehicle notes
* Mobile home notes

Contingency-Based Income Streams

* Commercial judgments
* Consumer judgments
* Commissions
* Sales revenue
* Corporate charitable contributions
* Franchise fees
* License fees
* Royalty payments (including mineral rights fees)

Insurance-Based Income Streams

* Annuities
* Prizes and awards
* Casino winnings
* Corporate retirement plans
* Funeral purchase assignments
* Viatical settlements

Governments-Based Income Streams

* Farm Contracts and Conservation Reserve Payments
* Tax refunds

Pension-Based Income Streams

* Corporate Pension Plans
* Military Pension Plans & VSI / VA Disability

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